Why Chaé is the best manufacturer for all hemp cbd’s formulations

We have had over 3 years of testing, vetting, stability, quality controls and positive feedback to firmly believe we are the preeminent lab for any of custom hemp formulations.


  • We are Experts in Custom formulations, Flavors, Aromas, unique ingredients, specialize in ToxicFree® formulating and Skin Care/Topical Care with the best performance resulting in repeat customer orders for a multitude of clients.


Key benefits of Chaé:

  • Chaé Manufacturing achieved one of the highest cGMP 2019 Superior Rating at a 97.4%
  • Chaé Manufacturing is also an OTC laboratory as well as FDA registered
  • Chaé conducts In-house Accelerated Stability & Real Time ambient temp/controlled humidity Stability Chamber
  • Experienced and seasoned CBD manufacture; we produce for the largest and well-known CBD marketer of over 2 million units a year
  • Chaé exceeds the very strict retail market testing protocols including raw material risk assessment & reports, micro approvals, CofAs. SOPs, SDSs and more
  • Our QC team conducts extreme vetting of CBD whole plant distillates, crude, isolate as well as full spectrum water soluble powders and liquids.
  • Chaé guarantees NO pesticides, heavy metals, trace residual solvents included in oral and topical products.
  • CBD testing conducted via State approved labs via MED, metrc and the Dept. of Agriculture CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment). Only state approved labs expose minimal levels of chemical toxins. 
  • Vetting documents required from any supplier/processor include: Industrial Hemp Research Processor License –Required for Extractors-Processors, Department of Agriculture License for Hemp Grower -  Required for all Growers, Potency test Results (minimum of 13 cannabinoids preferable)  Flower must be under .3% thc. Residual Solvents Report, Heavy Metals Report,  Pesticides Report Microbiological reports for biomass (Flower), Mycotoxin report biomass (Flower), Documents stating organic growing practices including: OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) & Soil Amendments registered, Spec, SDS & COA  
  • Years of experience formulating cbd products correctly to ensure accurate potency formulations taking into account every crop and extraction yields different potency
  • Verified Potency of finished product always provided from every batch / finished good. Every customer's finished product will be at their requested milligrams or higher
  • Chaé provides clients specific CBD related Product Liability Insurance


We have the history, the experience and the processes to ensure your products will perform second to none.

Linda Chaé and team